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Friday, February 02, 2007

First post!

It's Groundhog day!

Ongoing sewing projects include:

A-Line Skirt
I draped an A-line skirt and made the pattern. Then I decided on a flare for the bottom, which made it a little longer than I would usually like, but it's mainly a practice piece, anyways. Right now I am wrestling with the zipper, which I have already ripped out twice. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this tomorrow, and post pictures soon!

Sewing Bag
I have a ratty Williams Sonoma paper bag that I've been using to bring my draping/sewing materials to class. I bought some cute upholstery fabric a few weeks ago, and I want to use that to make a fabric version.

In the works...
Katryn wants a princess-line skirt with inserts, so that's going to be next on the list, after the A-line skirt is done. Hopefully that will be an easy one, since I will have mastered the zipper by then (ha!). I am just hoping that she does not want a lining... but I guess I'll figure it out either way.

I draped a sort of mod-style dress in class a couple of weeks ago. It was originally supposed to be a jacket but my teacher thinks it would be a good dress. I am not super-excited about it, but that could just be because I'm not yet sure I want to tackle a dress. I guess I'll keep that in the queue and see if I drape anything more inspiring in the meanwhile.


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