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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Take the A Train

The A-Line skirt is done! Here it is.

I think it ended up looking nice. I learned a lot in making this:

1. Zippers! Baste them! Always!

2. Selecting fabric. I really am not thrilled with this fabric, which was a freebie from my sewing teacher. I spent so long working on this skirt, and I don't even really like the fabric. That was dumb.

3. Details, assembling, etc. There are a lot more components than I ever realized. So many hidden elements (lining, contour wasteband, hidden second flare, doubled hemstich, etc.) that seem like "extras" but really add to the quality of the skirt. This, my teacher tells me, is the difference between "sewing" and "couture". Hm, whod'a thunk it?

So, on to bigger and better things! I also finished my sewing-class bag this weekend. I was on a bit of a binge after finishing the skirt on Friday. The bag turned out really well, and I think it was really good to do a fun and easy project. I have learned more patience, too- I took the time to make a great lining, and added to the design with some nice trim. I designed the bag using as a template the ratty paper Williams Sonoma shopping bag that I have been dragging to class every week- and I learned how EASY it is to make a pattern off of an existing object! I love it! It's cheating but no one will ever know! So that brings me to my new project list...

1. Another skirt! I bought some pink paisley fabric this weekend, and some dark patterned purple that goes along with it. Ever since seeing a great paisley on the sewmamasew website I have wanted to do something in paisley. So I am copying an existing skirt that I own, and making it in paisley. Everything's better in paisley!

2. Skirt for Katryn... not sure if this will happen. She is kind of "meh" on it now, and honestly, why would I go to the effort unless she really wants it? So, we'll see. I think I can get her excited if I take her to a fabric store and let her find a great fabric.

3. Designs for the fashion show! Our class fashion show is coming up in June. So, I really need to get started thinking about what to design and sew for that show. I will be doing two outfits- one daywear and one evening. On one hand, I feel like I should design sensible clothes that I will get a lot of use out of. On the other hand, why am I learning to sew if not to make crazy stuff that I could never, ever buy? So, we'll see. I think of another idea every other day, so I should really start doing some sketches.

And, to wrap up! Here is a photo of my draping class, with the blazers that we draped last night. We're too talented for our own good!


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