La Cantatrice Chauve

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Wow, finally. It has been a while.

But, things are afoot! I have not been lazy. Except about updating here.

Here is a picture of the bag that I made, with the pattern made from a paper bag. Cat with demon eyes is shown only for scale, naturally. Note the pheasant in pattern. I love it. More fabric should feature birds; I would buy it all.
I have also made another bag, which has yet to be photographed. That one was from a fabulous pattern which I got for free, since I am providing a pattern review for the sew mama sew website.
Anyways. Besides that. I have made some great progress with one of my outfits for the fashion show. Yay! It's a deep red and gold v-neck dress, with an empire waist and a modified flare skirt. I think it will turn out nicely. I was concerned at first that the fabric would look too formal, since it is the daytime dress, but I think it will be great, actually. I still need to decide some of the details of the sleeves, and the ultimate length of the skirt.
Funny discussion between my sewing teacher and myself the other day. Imagine Mrs. C speaking with an Italian accent:
Mrs. C: How short will you make it?
Me: I don't know. It seems from the New York Times fashion magazine that the short flare skirt is in. So maybe I will make it short.
Mrs. C: That sounds good. Can you wear a mini-skirt?
Me: Well, I have some ugly veins in the back of my legs, but I think it'll be okay.
Mrs. C: Your husband won't mind?
Ha! I love it when "Can you wear a mini-skirt" means not, "Are you comfortable wearing a mini-skirt?" or "Do you have nice enough legs to wear a mini-skirt?", but rather, "Will your husband allow you to wear a mini-skirt?" Hee.